What a week, huh? Stock market plunge, the economic crisis, Wall Street going crazy ….  yet, My phone still rings and still I get men who want to stroke their cocks, have their asses plugged and want to be cocksucking housewives.  I imagine it’s an escape from it all. I know it’s an escape for Me to talk about anything other than the economic crisis!  Not to mention Paul Newman dying – what a bummer.  Great actor, and incredibly good looking even in his old age.

So, when he is alone – he must do very feminine things, wear feminine panties and bras, and clean his house. In addition, he must get a dildo and suck on “his man” every night. I figured it would be a good start for him to be a good housewife, and I hope he fares well on it.

It’s a great way to dominate and control you, and I can dominate you for a variety of reasons. Here’s one I haven’t done yet, which I’d like to try:  dominating you to be a good cuckold! How about that?  If you want to be a cuckold, but are having issues with it – let Me in your brain – I will program you.

Ms Cecilia