I’m amazed how many submissives are ready to be dominated early in the morning.  It can get pretty busy with My phone ringing incessantly and guys wanting to be feminized, cock controlled or any number of things.  I really blame it on “morning wood”.  But when I think on it, it really is a great way to start your day – don’t you think?   I can imagine many of you might have stressful jobs – and you’re ready to make that commute to your hectic jobs.  What better way to get started than to have your ass plugged, or your cock controlled or to slip on a pair of panties and give Me all that control? Huh?

Yeah, you’re thinking about it.

I will soon be posting up an audio to the sissy school forum today  – I have not posted an audio there in awhile, so it’s time I did!  It’s an audio about being transformed by yours truly – so this should be a good one for those that love to be completely transformed by a Mistress.  Be sure to check that on getgirlie.com.

I will be taking calls all day – so if you want one, call soon!  Have your toys ready, have your imagination geared up and make sure – MAKE SURE you communicate with Me. If you do not communicate your ideas with Me, I can not read your mind – so make sure you say other things other than “control me”.  That simply will not do. Be specific.  If you absolutely don’t know how you like to be controlled – e-mail Me and we’ll sort it out:  cecilia@voxerotic.com.

Ms Cecilia