Last night was very eventful as I sat on and off in the dark for almost six hours talking to the kitchen bitch, or, Mr. Ornery, or the ornery man with the big heart. haha.  Thank you so much for being there for me to talk and entertain Me.  You sure know how to make Me laugh – and you’re quite informative too!   Maybe next time I’ll be able to get a few more words in and have some more coffee in my system  😉

I’m only teasing you.  You’re quite a handful, kitchen bitch. I love the challenge.

The electricity kept going on and off in my house – and I sat in the dark for almost an hour with no light – good thing he was there to tell Me what was going on with the weather from his computer!  I’ll never forget that.

Alright – what’s going on? I’m working on some erotic audios today, and I will definitely be back taking calls tomorrow, I’m sure. Today, I play catch up with various things.  I also think my yard is scattered with branches and debris from last night’s wind storm.

Some thank you’s are in order:  Relinquished – if you are still around and reading this blog – thanks for everything, and good luck to you in your life. I hope everything works out for you! Congratulations on the new love.  Thank you to Donna for hanging in there and trying to become the woman I’m trying to mold her into – also the gifts you sent this past summer. It’s appreciated.  Thank you Happy D for the U-Haul gift certificate.  Anna – for your random little messages I get and thinking of Me, I appreciate it!  The masturbating idiot for his delightful little e-mails and gifts, recipes, words of wisdom and the reading list you so generously gave Me.  Kitchen bitch, of course, for last night and recipes as of recent.

I have some great callers, and I appreciate each and everyone of you for being there for Me.

Okay – enough of the sappy side notes.  So, back to the issue at hand.  I’m doing a call for scripts again – it would be nice to have an ongoing story line – any writers out there who would like to send Me erotic writings that are handed out in sections? An ongoing story?  Send them My way! I’ll record them.

Tomorrow – I’ll be around for more phone sex, so hold on to your cocks.

Ms Cecilia