It’s been rain, rain, rain here in Pittsburgh. Gone for now are the sunny days because I think the hurricanes coming up from the south are drowning us out here.

But – I’ve had lots of bitches keep Me busy. Where do all you horny bitches come from?  I tell you, it’s a laugh riot to hear what all of you are up to, seriously.  It keeps Me highly entertained.  I heard from the kitchen bitch today (and last night) – who sent Me some awesome recipes for lime dressing, which of course, I thought was very thoughtful because I told him My love for cilantro and lime – and bing! there was a recipe in My e-mail account in no time.  I’ve come to really love talking to him because he’s thoughtful, and ornery.  Yes, you heard Me right, kitchen bitch, you’re ornery.  But I love it. It’s endearing.

Oh – and I got another recipe from My dear masturbating idiot of whom sent Me one for chocolate mousse of which I have not tried yet- but will.

So – it makes Me wonder: are you all trying to fatten Me up?  Good luck, it’s not going to happen!

I’m around most of the day to take your calls though – I’m going to be writing some new material for the site – some erotic audios are what you all need in this rainy weather, eh?

Also, I’m looking for a new chastity candidate – one who would love to be locked up in chastity all the time. E-mail Me for questions and rules.

Ms Cecilia