I love this time of year between September and October – the light golden and nice, the air is crisp and the sky is unbelievably blue here.  It truly is the best time in the Mid Atlantic area, as well as New England.  It’s also a time where I like to sharpen My skills and learn new things – because it takes Me back to My school and college days of turning My mind back on and take in what the world has to offer that is new and inivigorating.

How does this all tie into Domination/submission?  Well, I like to learn new things. I like to figure out to get in your mind – which is exactly what I am doing – ways to mindfuck you, and make you do things that you may not typically do in your mundane day to day life.  Mind fuck. You heard Me right. Since I am not there physically to actually DO the things we talk about in roleplay – I get to get into your mind and play around with your gray matter. Molding it like clay and making it into what I want exactly.  Think of me dipping My hand and long, red nails and picking up your brain and then molding it – mixing in the right words and concocting just what I want:  your cock to be hard, and you to be begging and moaning.

It really is that complex, and it really is that simple.

Now then, I will be around all week to take your calls – so let Me in your brain where all the submissive thoughts play.


Ms Cecilia