I just got back from a wedding a few days ago, and was anxious to get back on the phones to catch up on everything I have missed out on.

Two years ago, I happened to train one of My callers for a masturbation contest – in which he won – but I had not heard from him in awhile thereafter. Just this week, he’s back in My guidance as he says he’s been masturbating four or five times a day.  So, I’m currently working on getting him down way much more than that and for him to last one hour before actually ejaculating!  I know I will be able to train him as I have done this before.

I feel all men need submissive training, and when they are without – they get out of control- some of them. Submissive men, by nature, need that control and crave it – and when they get away from it,  they feel a little lost. I have heard it time and time again. Such in the case of this excessive masturbator – he got away, and completely lost control of himself.

I’m doing a call for scripts again – I got a couple of good ones, and would like to have more for your recording pleasure. So please, send them My ways so I can post them up on teasemania.com!

I’m really enjoying the calls this week and I’m so glad to be reconnecting with older callers that I have not heard from in awhile – thanks for thinking of Me!

– Ms Cecilia