Yesterday, I had an extensive conversations with one of My pets – he was really not feeling well, being under the weather, and whilst it was cute because it made weak, and I was somewhat easy on him and let him cum – I still wanted to take control.  He wanted Me to as well or he would have not called and asked Me to.  I was happy to do so.  The topic of conversation that did come up during our session was Me becoming his new religion.  I think this is quite possible.  Can you imagine worshipping a goddess Me? Setting up a shrine in My honor and then denouncing all your other faiths?

Of course you could.

You know you want to worship My feet, and My legs. And, of course, everything else on My body.  I will be your Goddess. Your Everything. Your center of attention.

Of course, my little “razzie” couldn’t imagine that I would actually write about him succumbing to Me in My blog – but I did My little pet, and now you can read all about what I think of you worshipping Me.  So give in totally to Me.

Again, I will be putting up some erotickaudios up online at, and at As always, check that out and have fun exploring those sites!  I will be around all weekend to take your calls, and also sexy online erotic chat sessions – so don’t forget about those!

Now give in and relinquish yourself to your new Goddess.

Ms Cecilia