I have noticed this trend on My calls – which I love.  I get lots of callers say they love to look at My pictures and  stroke – I’m sure a lot of this is going on while not on the phone with Me either. This morning, I had a hot call with someone who was doing just that – looking at Me online, then stroking furiously as if it was going out of style.

This, of course, conjured up an erotic fantasy for Me (yes, Mistresses have fantasies too).  I thought of being a boss, or some kind of college professor where men are always staring at Me – to the point of distraction. Then, you’d be forced to stroke when I’ve finally had enough. I’d lock you into My office and make you strip down and force you. Get it out of your system.  It reminds Me of when your parents catch you smoking and make you smoke the whole pack all at once.

It’s harsh and erotic all at the same time.  I don’t think any of you would complain if I actually did that to any of you.

I’m putting up more sexy audios up at teasemania.com, and at mistressalwayswins.com, so be sure to check that out soon.

I’m in the mood to tease the fuck out of you, torture you, feminize you – basically, I’m in the fucking mood to have My way  – plain and simple.

I’ll be around all day today to do just that.  So, pick up the phone you bunch of deviants.

Mistress Cecilia