I recently had a call in which the caller loves it when I wear black – black skirt, or dress, boots or heels – as long as it’s in black.  The goal was to seduce him and make him mine again – back under My domination control.  The fantasy was based around the fact he was dating someone else, so I wanted to have power over him again.  When I did seduce him and brought him a trance-like state of mind – which I love of course – I always know I have captured a man when they can’t even speak.  After having an explosive orgasm,  he said, as he always does, he would try to resist Me and not call again.

Give Me a break.

Every single man who has told Me that always fails. It’s inevitable that you will be calling Me back because you need more eroticism. You need that phone sex call. You will always think back to how I made you feel in the fantasy that took place, or the instructions I give.  You can’t forget the experience, and you want to revisit, come back to it again – like taking a trip to a haunting, beautiful island and wanting to return again and again.

You want to be addicted and you want it too.

The craving that courses through your veins is too much to handle.  The cock in your hand and My voice in your ear is related, and you can try to deny it, try to escape but you can’t.

For those who try, they usually fail miserably.

Let that be a lesson to you.

Ms Cecilia