Hello My Captives,

Yesterday – I had a rather hot call with someone who liked to be captured, interrogated and made to submit to Me.  Yesterday’s call was a part II, really, – a continuation of a call that we had prior. It first started out with him  (a general) landing on My island with a bunch of his troops – but he was captured.  After hours of interrogation, he was made to submit.  How was he made to submit? He was forced to cum because this meant he was a weak male and even though he thought he was defenseless to My charms and seductions – he couldn’t.  So, he was made My slave. Forever.

Love it.

Oh yes, I got to celebrate Ms Tia’s NPPBW (I could have the initials TOTALLY wrong)  – well, anyway, one of her slave’s – birthday last night. It was Me and several other Mistresses: Ms Ryan, Ms Tia, Ms Corrine  – it was a fun time. So Happy Birthday to you! Hope you had a good time last night!

I will be around for  calls all week – so look for Me. Regarding instant messages as of late, I’ve had a slew of long calls here and there (three or four hours sometimes) – if I don’t answer your instant message, it means I’m on one of those long calls. Don’t take it personally, I will be with you as soon as I can!

Again, I’m looking for scripts as I’m trying to get a bunch saved up so I have a stash of them. If you have ideas and you want to write up something that’s 250 words or so – I will record it and put it up at teasemania.com.

Ms Cecilia