Recently, I’ve had a caller who has become one of My new favorites – and I have found out – to My absolute delight that he LOVES the smotherbox and facesitting. For those of you who do not know what a smotherbox is – it’s a box where your head goes into, and that I sit on, like a throne.  There is an opening where your face is and I think you know what the purpose is for. If you don’t, look it up and do your homework. For those of you in a relationship – it’s quite an investment and well worth it for some good pussy worship.

I sort of have a fantasy that this is what you’d have to put your head into after you make Me a good southern meal with crab, corn on the cob, potatoes and sausage – you know – food you’d find in Savannah, Georgia. Then, after a few glasses of wine, I’d sit on the box and you’d be forced to worship My pussy for the rest of the evening.  However, it’s not much of a fantasy as My boyfriend loves to do all that for Me anyway. It’s good to be a Goddess.

I think it’s time I take a trip to this southern restaurant I like south of Pittsburgh.

Oh, I do digress.

Also – I was thinking, whilst you are in that smother box, it would be good to have that cock tied up in every which way – perhaps with some clothespins on your balls. A little CBT whilst I sit on the smother box and smoke a cigarette – all not so bad, right? Of course not! Because it’s for Me.

Now I’m off to find a cigarrette, and figure out when to get some southern food.

Ms Cecilia