Hello all you freaks of the fetish,

I’ve been in a circus mode lately as I’m reading “Water for Elephants” – which is a compelling novel about joining the circus and working for one.  So, it would be funny to have a circus show that displays all the fetishes that are out there. I’d be the ringmaster of course. Behind each curtain, I’d like to display the smallest penis in the world, the man with the biggest and bluest balls, the man in chastity for ten years and all other types of displays. I think that would be quite entertaining Myself.  Oh, and of course, I’d have a show where naked girls dance so that men can remain perpetually teased. These girls would not offer any extra services after the show – if you know what I mean. ha.

So here’s my schedule today: I am recording, and I’m dishing out assignments. Tomorrow I will be back taking calls – so be sure to check back then. I usually take some time every week to record and post up at mistressalwayswins.com as well as teasemania.com where there are loads of sexy erotic audios posted up on both sites.

Oh – I must must must tell you about R.  R is a caller that I’ve had for quite some time who I love to MESS with. He is supposed to call in panties and the whole femme display – lipstick and all. HOWEVER, yesterday, he called Me sporting khaki pants and a sport’s shirt.  I mean, come on! Who did he think he was kidding? When we have sessions – I spend time having to strip down his so-called “masculinity”.


Gimme a break, will ya?  😉

– Ms Cecilia