Hello all you wankers,

How are you?

I’ve had a very busy week – and I must say that I’ve had some looonnnggg erotic calls. I’m not complaining at all because I love to spend time with a lot of My guys and really get to know you. The other night I had a 4 hour call, then on Thursday – almost a 7 hour call.  It was awesome because we got to talk about all kinds of things – I did enjoy it! What did we talk about, you wonder? Everything under the sun.

I’ve also been working with another caller who decided to purge his whole wardrobe of women’s clothes and now feels guilty for backsliding on Me and other Mistresses by not doing what we say, and then trying to be, ahem, “Normal” again.  Listen up – I’m not sure who wrote the book on normalcy – but I’m here to tell you it doesn’t exist.  If you dress up in women’s clothes – you are not hurting anyone or yourself.  Fuck societal standards. Be a rebel and kick it in the teeth. So, I’m here to tell you that I will help you accept yourself – even if it’s a fetish, or just who you are – it’s fine, I still assist no matter what!  We here at LDW are Mistresses, sure, but we also listen and guide you.  So, what did I have him do today? He’s out right now as I type this – shopping.

I will be available all weekend to assist, guide you and blow your freakin’ mind.

Ms Cecilia