Hello Everyone,

I’m back and better than ever.  Now here to take your calls for Memorial weekend. So, I’m sure many of who are wondering what My plans are for this summer – and a lot of it revolves around taking calls, but much of it has to do with Me hopefully moving.   In between all of that, I plan on reading and figuring out other ways to control you. Oh yes, slowly but surely, I will control each and every one of you by the power of My voice alone! Muhahahahaha

At some point, I’d like to hear what you all think of My voice. I get quite a lot of compliments on it – but what exactly turns you on about it?  Inflection? Dominance? My evil famous giggle?  Softness of it?  As a phone Mistress – it’s quite important to have the voice to carry through my power into your ear, and into your pea-sized brain. That way, I have ultimate power and control to make you do what I want.  I want you all to fall under the spell of my erotic voice, you know. It’s my destiny, and your fate. You know you want to give in to Me because, well, I’m smarter and stronger than you.

I will be around all weekend taking calls – so if you can get away from barbecues and so forth, be sure to give Me a ring. I feel like roasting weenies too actually.

Your Memorial Day Weenie Roasting Mistress,


P.S. Bring the ketchup and mustard with you.