Hi everyone,

I mentioned going away this weekend, but I don’t think I told you where. Weeellll, I’ll tell you.  I will be down in Florida visiting with Ms Ally, Ms Trish, Ms Tia, Ms Hannah – and many other girls I’m probably forgetting to mention. I look forward to seeing them – and can you imagine a bunch of Mistresses in one house?  I’m certain you’d love to be the center of all that, if you could. However, this is a private Mistress get away.

So, I leave on Saturday and I will not be back for calls until next Wednesday – so before I leave town, make sure you get your assignments/calls/ etc with Me beforehand.

I can imagine, however, that there will be some very cute boys on the beach – and perhaps they will be fanning me with palm fronds – you just never what will happen. If they try to get fresh with Me, I can bring some spare chastity devices down and lock them up for good measure!

I’m currently getting some sexy swimsuits  together, as well as outfits to wear for evenings out, so it should be fun!

I will look forward to speaking with all you little heathens – so get on the phone and call your Mistress before she goes and frolics with the other Mistresses down south.

Don’t forget, I do sexy online chat sessions as well if you’re stuck at work and can’t get on the phone.

Keep it kinky,

Ms Cecilia