It’s coming up on that time again, and I’d like to talk tonight about what bathing suit styles are hot, and what you can probably wear if you are going to the beach – or even if you just like to wear them at home! That’s tonight’s topic at:

For those of you who has a significant other and always want to try and spice up your sex life in a variety of ways, make sure you visit a new blog that I’ve been working on called : There are and will be lots of articles on how to approach one another in your quest for fulfilling your fantasies together. Be sure to check that out.

I will not be around to take call today, but will be back tomorrow bright and early, so be sure to look for me then. I’m taking the day to write and record, and if you haven’t looked at lately for erotic audios – make sure you do!

Also, if you don’t know already – I do text session. If you are holed up at your office, or you just can’t get away on the phone: send me a message at :  mistress_cecilia_dominates  on yahoo, or MsCecilia05 on AOL.  Ask me about a text session, and I will point you in the right way to get it set up.

I will see you tonight at 9 pm EST at – if you miss it, you can always download it later and if you don’t have an account, well sign up for one! 🙂

Ms Cecilia