Hello all you that I control with My mind,

Tonight, I am back for Strange Sex Sunday at 11 pm EST: https://www.talkshoe.com/tc/15679

So what else is going on in My life? I’ve had a lot of older callers call Me as of recent, people I hadn’t heard from in ages, and it’s nice when they do call and we catch up with what’s been going on their lives. It’s cool – everyone from chastity guys, to cuckold guys, sissies, or anyone in between. It’s nice that I’m thought of, and I appreciate. Sometimes, when callers disappear for a stint, I wonder – where’d they go? So, it’s nice to hear from you – really.

Also, I will remind you again that I’ve been posting audios up at mistressalwayswins.com – be sure to check that out – I have an ongoing Incan style chastity story that I have been working on. It’s pretty cool, so check it out.

I’ve been getting some good scripts as of lately, so keep them coming! I’m always posting up to teasemania.com – a forum where there are a plethora of erotic audios by Me and other Mistresses of LDW.

See you for Strange Sex Sunday

Ms Cecilia