Hi everyone,

Be sure to tune in tonight for Vox Erotic radio over at www.talkshoe.com/tc/11924. We will have special guests Thorndaddy and Dollie: a married Dominant/Submissive couple.  Please tune in tonight to hear this special interview and if you have missed out on past shows, please tune into talkshoe to download past ones.

Speaking of radio, I’ve been taking a major hiatus from it as of late, but will be back tomorrow evening to be on Strange Sex Sunday at 11 pm EST. I will be filling in the details for tomorrow’s blog post.

Today, I was on the phone for hours with Donna Sue.  Donna Sue wants to suck cock in a major way, and even gave me some info to contact a Mistress in his area in which she can make his dream come true! We talked about how he could be come a feminized girl as well as the art of fellatio.  I told him taking a trip to the local adult bookstore is a quick fix, but it seems our lovely Donna Sue is scared of such an adventure.  Hopefully, she will be able achieve her goals someday!

I am always here to try to fulfill your wildest dreams. I may not help you get to Disneyland, but I can transport you to Fellatio Land where penises stand like statues and you get to ride the giant dildo.

*Mind wandering*

Anyway, come join Me and Miz Ava tonight for our show at 10 pm EST.

Later Fellatio Lovers,

Ms Cecilia