Hello everyone,

I wanted to announce that Vox Erotic Radio will be airing at 10 pm EST, and we will have special guest Sylvanus and Mina. Check out their blog to learn about this fascinating Dominant/submissive couple :  https://longingsend.wordpress.com/

Be there tonight with Mz Ava and Myself at talkshoe.com/tc/11924


I just got off the phone with panty boy, who loves to “borrow” panties from his secretary and he loves to smell them, and do all sorts of nasty things with them. He used the word “borrow” as he says he’ll put them back. Still, the pathetic panty ass still stole them in My book. ;)   I think what really did set the whole conversation apart for Me was when he announced that he takes his secretary’s lip balm and put the head of his cock on it, then sets it back in the desk drawer. Well, isn’t he special?  Some men just deserve to be laughed at, there is absolutely no help for them. ha ha

So, on the note, I’m around all weekend taking your calls and I’m wondering what other stories I’m going to hear. I never know what I will get – it’s like opening up a kinky present every single time.  Look for Me and call Me and tell Me what sort of kinky things are floating around in your mind. I can just imagine …

Just make sure you try to top panty boy’s story above and make it REAL juicy – I will look forward to it.

Ms Cecilia