Hello you little men,

Tonight on Strange Sex Sunday, I will be talking about the Giantess Fetish and all the fun stories that revolve around that topic. As of recent, talkshoe.com has asked that we do not list our shows if they contain the label: EL for Explicit Language – so, if you are looking for any shows that any Mistress hosts in the LDW Community, it’s best to check out their blogs, or go to provocatalk.com to check out scheduled events.

You can find my show tonight at: talkshoe.com/tc/15679 at 8.05 pm EST.


If you missed last night’s episode at Vox Erotic Radio – be sure to check that out! We had Ms Claudia and her slave husband Ronnie on the shoe discussing their lifestyle and marriage. For back episodes, check out talkshoe.com/tc/11924. Their interviews were invigorating and very much inspiring!


After getting over my bout of insomnia, I did manage to crash for 12 hours last night! This means I am VERY refreshed today to take your calls and find out what’s going on in your dirty little heads. I really want to know what’s going on in your dirty heads too – I mean that. I like to hear how you think, what you are thinking of doing and what all that entails. It’s what I am here for. Think of Me as your secret confessional …

I will be around all night, late, to take your calls – look for Me, or IM me.

– Ms Cecilia