Hello Early Morning Risers,

I’ve been up all night with a terrible bout of insomnia, and thought, I’ll take calls – write to you fine people in My blog and perhaps sleep will come at some point.  Already some calls and one of which one wanted Me to e-mail his wife on his tales of his naughty, debaucherous deeds.  Did I or didn’t I? We shall see …

Of course, having lack of sleep doesn’t make me necessarily tired – it makes me bitchy, which makes for some very interesting calls for those of you  who are seeking a strict Mistress. If you want tough, call Me at 4 am after I’ve been up for hours and hours.

This week on the Vox Erotic radio show with Me and Mz Ava – we are going to have a Mistress joining us from outside the LDW Community. Also, Strange Sex Sunday.  I am now hosting the show solo until further notice. So, I will be sure to bring a lot of naughty, strange sex to you come Sunday at around 8.05 pm, plus all the other bizarro factoids I can cook up!

What else is happening? Had to miss Wednesdays show due to illness – but I am back next Wednesday to pick up where I left off with how to tell your significant other you cross dress!

I will be around all weekend to take your calls – so look for Me, you heathens.

Ms Cecilia

P.S. The weather here has been amazing though, so if you see Me taking calls – you better catch Me before I run out the door in the sun!