Hello, hello ..

If you have ever wondered how to tell your significant other that you cross dress, and would you want to tell her anyway? If you are wondering how to tackle this issue – then tomorrow night at Fabulous Fem chat is the place to be.   It’s an important issue to address for those of you who are concerned about what to do.  I will see you tomorrow evening for that show on Fabulous Fem Chat at 9 pm EST at talkshoe.com/tc/15681.

Speaking of spring, it has been beautiful here! Finally! I’ve been taking off during the day and taking calls in the evening mainly so I can get out in the sun.

I will, however, buckle down and take more calls this week for those of you who have been looking for me.

I want to take this opportunity to put out another call for scripts – if you have an audio in mind that you have been wanting to hear, please contact Me at cecilia@voxerotic.com.  I’m recording sexy audios to put up at mistressalwayswins.com as well as getgirlie.com and teasemania.com.

Later Daffodils,

Ms Cecilia