Hello fire starters!

Tonight at 8.05 pm EST, we’ll be talking about the Fire Play Fetish – tune in to hear this firey fetish. Also, I’ll be reading tidbits from a weird sex book and as always, a little quiz on sexual history.  If you love the strange, the bizarre, the eccentric and you love to learn  – Strange Sex Sunday is for you! Tune in on talkshoe.com/tc/15679 tonight.


Last night was a successful show with the Vox Radio show with Me and Miz Ava, and special guest Mistress Tara – if you missed it, please go to https://www.talkshoe.com/tc/11924 and check it out.


What else is happening?  I’m getting in gear for spring and I have cabin fever so bad I can hardly contain myself, much less sit around my house, so I’ve been taking off a lot.  So I’ve been trying to meditate more and I’ve been reading a book on chakras and learning what that’s all about and trying to calm down and focus! Focus .. focus… fo .. fuck.

Anyway, it’s been a loonnnnggg winter.

So – help me out! Keep me entertained! Seriously – call me and let’s have fun because if you’re not calling – I wander off somewhere else for the day and you help me be totally grounded. 😉

I’m cooking up a new audio – and it will probably be going out tomorrow.  During the Vox Erotic show last night we were talking about music stroking and tempo – and I will be making an audio tomorrow based on that.  You will be ‘beating’ your meat to a different kind of drum. Har har.

Catch you later meat-beaters. Ciao.

Ms Cecilia