That’s right – I’m back for more talk shoe chaos – and have decided to move it if it acts up again tonight. If everything is in my favor, I will be talking about panties – where they come from, and the whole symbolism of them.    Plus, all kinds of other things if talk shoe cooperates with Me.  So come battle talk show with Me at 9 pm EST! Sound like fun? Of course it does, because you’re there with Me!


I’ve had some pretty awesome calls lately. One of which – a gentleman from Paris who I’ve had some lengthy discussions with.  I call him gentleman because that’s what he is to Me. Nice manners, nice demeanor and all that. We had a lengthy discussion about being honest with yourself and your fetish as much as you can.  I agreed with what he had to say in that the more one represses such a strong side of yourself – your sexuality – the more it comes out full force later.  Of course, I’m not one into anything that’s illegal and trashy – however, if you have propensity to cross dress, or to fantasize about a woman controlling you, or you want to roll around in a tub of chocolate ding dongs and masturbate to your heart’s delight – I say, go right ahead.   The thing is, everything in your life is a journey – and your sexual fetishes are not to be left behind, or stuck on some shelf in your mind collecting dust.  It will only come back ten fold later.

My voice and thoughts have traveled the world and back and I have journeyed with many – all walks of life, all kinds of fetishes.  What has happened, in my opinion, is many views on sexuality are taboo due to religious points of view and societal standards.  As long as no one is being hurt – who cares what you do?    Walk into the wild – you only live once.

Now back to my blues music with Robert Johnson.  Thanks, J, for sending me all of that – I got it yesterday and will drop you a line about it today.  🙂

Ms Cecilia