photo by Ms Cecilia 2008

Hello everyone,

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This has been an interesting week. Sometimes I think the planets align themselves and the universe is somehow responsible for strange happenings that you have no control of, but instead, try to teach you a lesson. I am not speaking of one incident, or person – but several. As I write this, it’s a snowy bleak day and I have the sound of “The Fountain” soundtrack playing a melodious, dark symphony in my ears. The trees outside beckon for spring as they sway in the winter wind, but they are not yet getting what they want. Change, however, is around the corner and you must sit and wait for life to flourish again. It’s completely out of your control. I look at relationships between submissives and dominants as the same – always in a state of change, flux and there is no way you can have the same outcome and expectations every time. To even try to force or expect one to do or say something, is foolish -and I’m speaking in terms of both parties. I’m speaking very generally, of course and to no particular person. In terms of any relationship, including dominants or submissives – both evolve and reincarnate every minute, always in a state of impermanence. If you don’t communicate effectively and express what you want there and then, things fray quickly. This is when you do communicate, plant the seed, then wait and listen. My basic advice is this: do not have unrealistic expectations of your submissives or your Mistresses because you will never feel settled. Enjoy one another for what it is in sessions, and it must be in the interest of both parties to listen deeply to one another’s wants and needs, and wait. As you know, you can’t tell and command a tree to spring forth leaves and flower blossoms in the dead of winter, but take comfort in knowing it will happen eventually. Instead, enjoy the gray and the death grip of winter – as spring will feel and smell so much sweeter in weeks to come.

This ideology can be applied to anything, including orgasms or titillations.


Your Philosophic Phone Sex Mistress,

Madame de philosophie, Cecilia.