Hello everyone,

Don’t forget to tune in on Saturday night at 10 pm EST for Vox Erotic radio with Me and Miz Ava over at www.talkshoe.com.  We are going have special guest Ms Cassandra there to interview and play a little game with! The “dicktator” will be there to answer all your questions, and call-ins will be welcome during the show.  Three Mistresses in one show! How can you handle it? Show up to find out! Not only that, we’ll have a new game to play – see Miz Ava’s blog for more details – and kinky news, and Steph Marie will be stopping  by as well – our TG consultant.  There’s a lot going on during our show, so please be there ready to be entertained…


Oh goody goody! I just got finished with a long mp3 and will be sending it out in the mail. If you love to hear customized mp3’s over and over again – please remember I do those if you want to send me the script and we’ll work out the other details.  I have heard some that are putting my mp3’s on their iPods and running around on trains, buses, cars etc – listening to my erotic audios.  It’s kind of weird to think my voice is running helter skelter out there seducing men by the hundred’s with my dirty mouth – but, it’s kind of cool too.  I think I’m working on some sort of mass corruption.  You’ve been warned.  FemDom is running amuck and it’s in an iPod near you.

Other news, my puppy Chaplin, is driving Me out of mind with incessant chewing, running, chewing, leaving presents, chewing … but if it wasn’t for that cute face. Everyone is always asking Me about him in the chat room – so here I give you the puppy report.

I went recently and saw the movie “Fool’s Gold” with Matthew McConaughey and Kate Hudson.  Cute movie, predictable and not really all that riveting – but, do you really need a plot when you have the eye candy of those two on the screen with the carribbean as a backdrop and the fantasy of chasing treasure?  I mean, it’s a no-brainer, and it’s a movie to escape with.


I’m taking calls lechers – you know you want one.

Ms Cecilia