Hello everyone!

Happy Valentine’s Day (a day later) – I was out yesterday on a puppy hunt, and lo and behold – I found one. A border collie who’s now beside Me and finding pennies, nickels and dimes – I thought I puppy proofed my house, but I guess not enough.

Okay – some announcements!  Thank you Happy D for the Boxing Gloves!  Thank you Rel for the printer and the CD and movie!  Thank you B for the tip and gift certificates.  I really do appreciate it.

On Saturday night for Vox Erotic Radio with Me and Ms Ava – we will have guest Mistress – Mistress Julia to interview! Along with kinky news and a new game of “Guess the Mistress” on their blogs.  It will be a good time! We will see you there at 10 pm EST at the www.talkshoe.com site and please sign up. Also, be there at the www.communitykink.com chatroom as we will be there too and we’ll be sure to direct you on where to go.

A couple of days ago, I put up a new audio at www.teasemania.com – go check it out.  It’s called The Cock Professor. I thought to myself as I was writing and recording it how fascinating it would be to actually have classes to train how to tease and deny.  I think it would be fun and a good time had by all.  Maybe not so much the guy – but then, maybe he would love it too.  haha  I think it’s important if all women took the reins more in sexuality and actually made the decisions. If you think about it, men are actually the sluts in our society – not the women.  Men are actively seeking out ways to be naughty!  Yes, you. I’m talking to you. You know you are. Don’t deny it.  I also think some men should be given orgasm denial more often as well.  Why? They are usually better behaved men, and if they do act out of line – then deny them more!


I wanted to mention a great site designed and kept by Mistress Carmen – and that is www.sissyville.com. For those of you looking for feminization and crossdressing assignments – you can visit there and get those from our Mistresses.

I will look for you tomorrow at 10 pm EST for the Vox Erotic Radio Show with Me and Ms Ava. Be at the www.communitykink.com chatroom and we’ll further direct you on what to do if you are not sure.

Ms Cecilia