I was pondering on things that you, the reader and submissive, would find maybe fascinating about Me – the quirky, odd side . Then, maybe not.. hmmmm…

But nonetheless, it’s MY blog, so I’ll write what I want.

Here we go:

I can’t sleep without hearing a motorized machine – i.e., fan, air conditioner. Even in the dead of winter, I have a fan rolling.

I love hound dogs. If they have floppy ears, and sloppy jowls – I’m sold.

I have almost identical signs as Johnny Depp: Gemini, moon in Capricorn and lots of other match-ups in his chart and mine that I can’t remember right now.

I love Charlie Chaplin and other silent movies.

A psychic once told Me I was from the roaring twenties, and I died from TB in Boston in a previous life.

I actually like chicken liver. Fried.

I think Benny and Joon are real people. If you don’t know who Benny and Joon are – rent the movie.

As a child, I ate chapstick, soap and Ex-Lax.

I had an imaginary friend named Jana at three years of age, then when I was seven, I had another named Morticia.

If I travel, I have to bring a sleep aide – I can’t sleep in strange places.

I once punched a boy in the nose in second grade for ripping up my homework.

I heard a ghost in my basement last year, or thought I did, now I don’t go there anymore.

I think old people are awesome.

I laugh when things get real chaotic in my life.

I won a poetry contest in high school, and entered a second time and lost the next year when the judge said I ‘invented’ a word. Pffffttttt…… that’s ridiculosity…

I actually like quirky men, hence my fascination with Johnny Depp, Charles Chaplin and Mel Gibson.

A horse once stepped on my foot.

I fell out of a 1956 GMC when I was 8 years old – a mint green truck with red spray-painted polka dots, and landed in a bunch of tumbleweeds.

I have twenty books half-read, paintings half-painted and projects half-done.

I have teased and taunted boys all my life. Surprised?

I love the smell of rich soil in plants.

I think the food pyramid is a bunch of lies the government made up.

I bitch and whine about high fructose corn syrup, blue dye no. 1 and partially hydrogenated oils, but eat them anyway.

I love peanut butter Captain Crunch.

I always had the urge to flick someone on the back of the head on a bus/plane/sidewalk just to see what sort of reaction I could invoke.

I’m convinced my cat understands me.

I don’t like to kill bugs, unless they try to kill me first.

I’m fascinated by stratigraphy and dendrochronology.

I’m shocked you made it this far through my museum of a mind.

I’ll write more tomorrow to get you ready for more fun with this week’s coming events.

Ms Cecilia