*EDIT – Ms Ava has informed Me that the show will be at 11 pm EST on Saturday, not 10 pm as previously mentioned (thank you Ms Ava)*

Boy Howdy!

Me and Ava are going to be on the radio on Saturday night at 11 pm EST LIVE! We worked it out, and it’s going to be great! So here’s what you do if you want to attend Saturday night’s live show:

1) Go to www.blogtalkradio.com

2) Sign up. Doesn’t cost anything.

3) Go to https://www.blogtalkradio.com/pagankinktress (That’s Ms Ava’s BTR blog)

4) Find the “Listen” button on her page – and listen!

5) Go to www.communitykink.com chatroom at 11 pm EST – we’ll be there too.

If you are wanting to call into the show and comment, ask questions or whatever – we’ll provide you a number in the chatroom to call.

If you are unable to attend the Saturday Night Live show with Me and Ms Ava, don’t fret! Cock radio will be playing the re-run of our show throughout the week. So check up on the times it will be airing. You’ll soon be stroking cocks to the sound of Me and Ms Ava! But – we will be providing lots of orgasm denial during this time. 🙂


Tonight at the Feminization chatroom at www.communitykink.com at 9 pm EST, I will be there to ask what’s been going on in your lives? I want to turn the focus on you and see what’s been going on, and what I have been missing. If you haven’t been able read some of the Mistresses essays that we have all have been writing, please check them out! Heather has written on the top 10 tips for crossdressing, and our very own Ms Courtney has written on the day in the life of a sissy maid, and many more! These can also be a topic of discussion on the Feminization chat tonight as well and we’ll discuss it.

See you then! xoxo Ms Cecilia