Hello everyone,

Tonight for Strange Sex Sunday – we will be discussing, briefly, trichophilia – or, more commonly known as hair fetish (pertaining mostly to the head). I actually know a couple of callers who have a hair fetish as they comment on my long hair all the time – and want to brush it out and play with it. I also love brushing out my hair and playing with it – wait – maybe I’m a trichophiliac too! For those who love the eroticism of hair, I always love to roleplay that I’m rubbing my long, silky hair on their bodies, and I mean everywhere. It’s such a hot tease.

Me and Ms Claire will see you at 8 pm EST at www.communitykink.com chatroom!

Some changes are happening with the Fabulous Fem Chat on Wednesday nights – My lovely friend and co-host, Ms Carmen, will not be able to attend as much as she used to so I will be running things solo for awhile – which also means, no radio show until I can figure out some technicalities on my end. Relinquished was generous in sending me a pc laptop some months back, but I hadn’t had time to configure the radio – so until then, I will keep you updated. Please still attend, and we’ll play it by ear! It will still be fun 🙂

I wanted to announce last year’s most BEST submissives to Me, and I’ve taken too long to mention it.

For 2007 :

Happy D – for following assignment’s to the best of his ability, and always there, almost every week ready and eager to play.

Bootslave William – we may have our disagreements, but I’m very proud of you and your wife for taking control!

BB – For the wonderful talks, and the opportunity to share ideas, thoughts and making you mine. By the way, where are you?

Sissy Anna – last summer was so much fun – and I can’t wait until things get better in your RT so that we can get back to those kinky assignments!

Relinquished – For being there, eager to serve and please everyday – spoiling me absolutely rotten. I don’t think anyone could possibly spoil me like you can, I’ll never be the same… haha.

Kel – the beginning of the year with you was fantastic! Thanks for everything and your support in the chatrooms.

Thank you, everyone, for everything. Last year was such a great year.

I wrote a poem recently, and recited it. It’s about those who are serious about being a crossdresser, or transgendered. Read: feminization poem here. Even though it’s fun to fantasize about being sissified, or being a sissy, there are some that are a bit separated from that group and they have had a life-long gnawing feeling of being a woman. So, with that in mind, that’s who I wrote the poem for. We at sissyschool.com love to roleplay, but we also understand the serious nature of those who are really grappling with their feelings of being a woman, and always feeling like they were. We are there to advise and help any way we can.

Here’s the poem in written-form:


The softness and wispiness
A warm summer breeze
Brushing against
Pomegranate cheeks

Long hair flowing
Catching glints
of light
Freedom to be
Soft, lovely

In future lace and silk
Residing in
And beauty

Basking in girlish
Warmth and
Having lips
Of pink petals
And dew

The thoughts and essence
Of me
A fine fabric
Of strong delicacy.

Craving solidity
As a curvy
Molded by
A Stronger Force

That of which
I was to be
Long ago
And now am becoming.

I will see you tonight at 8 pm! Be there, and don’t say you are shampooing your hair, trichophiliac. That’s so 1955.

– Ms Cecilia