Tonight at the www.communitykink.com chatroom – Me and Ms Carmen will be back on the radio! If you are into history and fashion, tonight is the groovy 1960’s with cool music and, well Me and Ms Carmen – what else do you need?  Love feminization? Love history? Love us?  Stop on by!

It’s a new year and I spent it with friends and had a good time!  I’m looking forward to this year, for certain.

So what else is on my devious mind?  I had a caller today, whose name I won’t mention, that sparked an idea for an upcoming illustration I want to work on, but might take me awhile to put together. He imagined Me an Aztec priestess whom would determine the fate of his cock, and who would give worship Me. The details he gave were amazing, and I couldn’t help but picture some sort of ancient wall effigy.

Also, I’ve thought a lot about this, but it is a thought-in-production.  Cocks have their own personality, don’t they? Think about it – if it gets hard, it says: *knock knock against your pants* “Hey, you.. hey …. I’m horny…hey…”  From there, your dirty little minds conjure up all kinds of images, stories, fantasies and the little guy (apologies to those who consider their cock big) won’t leave you alone until you, or someone else, has paid it attention.   I can’t imagine carrying this part of Me around that is an extension of My body all the time. I also can’t imagine that extension telling Me what to think and do. Hence, which is why I spank cocks daily.  Speaking of, someone sent Me pics of his cock in doll clothes. I’m not kidding.  Which further makes Me thinks, yep, cocks have personalities too. That cock happened to want to wear a dress and pose upright for the picture.

How do I think up these things?

Three years in the phone sex business will do that to a girl’s mind, but I tell ya, it’s the most fun I’ve ever had.

In other news, I’m still around, but have been primarily taking calls in the mornings – if you are looking for Me, and have a hard time finding Me, e-mail Me and we will set up an appointment together. I really don’t mind.

What else? In addition to hanging out with friends on New Year’s Eve, I saw the movie “Sweeney Todd”. I enjoyed it, something hot about Johnny Depp always wearing dark eye make-up and being such a villian.  His singing wasn’t half bad either. That woman, Helene Bonham Carter is hot in her own unusual way. I’d do her.


Stop by the groovy chatroom tonight.

Ms Cecilia