Happy New Year!

My Christmas went very well, and I put in a lot of hours playing wii. Yes, your Mistress is like a big child when it comes to Christmas and video games. I actually got sore from playing virtual tennis.

But I am up and at ’em early this morning, taking your calls, and to kick it off – I had a call with Penelope Panties this morning, you may have remembered Me writing about this cunty cow back in September .. it’s always a joy to talk to this one. I laugh and laugh as he tells Me his wife is restricting his sissy milkings more and more by each passing year. Plus, by 2013, or roundabout, his wife is giving him the choice of whether he should be castrated or not. Oh the drama! Castration is so extreme. I was thinking on it after hanging up the phone with him, I’d rather him keep his testes intact to further the torture.

So, what are My resolutions this year? Well, I have a few:

1. I promise to be a cock tease all throughout the winter, spring, summer and fall.

2. I will cuss. A lot.

3. I will feminize as many boys as I possibly can by making them wear panties, or any other kind of feminine garments.

4. I will illustrate more naughty drawings to continue teasing boys with.

5. I will get excited when talking about cuckold fantasies with My cuckold callers.

6. I will put boys in their place – always.

That’s it. I probably have a lot more, but My wii game is calling to Me again. Which makes Me want to eventually pick up Guitar Hero.

Ms Cecilia

P.S.  I have been taking calls in the early morning hours a lot lately – if you are up then, give Me a ring. I’d love to talk to you !