I will be officially back today for calls. That is, after My plumber leaves. Then I will be available for calls.

I really have missed many of my guys, so I’m anxious to get back on the phones soon and get back to it!

Since I had been so busy dispatching, I will not be able to get My segment up for the 1950s – but I will have it next week for sure. Tonight, Me and Ms Carmen will be just having fun, so make sure you tune in, stop by www.communitykink.com chatroom and say hello to us.

Thanks everyone for being so patient while I have been gone. Now, we can have some calls and have a overall, good time.

I’m still wanting submissions for scripts, I got one, which I will use — it’s super naughty! I’d like scripts for cuckold, feminization, humiliation and I’m wanting to get inside your minds when you want to have your cocks controlled. What do you like to hear? You have heard My voice and I’m able to do just about any part you throw at Me – so what kind of audio would you like from Me? Here’s your chance, and I will post it up at one of the forums!

When I have had the chance to take some calls, I have heard from some older callers – some who hadn’t called me in awhile, and called when I started with LDW in 2005. I love hearing from you, truly. I love it when I get to know your fetish or fantasy so well – that it just flows! I have become quite experienced in doing every roleplay, every fantasy – that it makes My job enjoyable to do. For those of you whom I haven’t heard from in awhile, give Me a call – we have a lot of catching up to do. You know who you are. 😉

This was a quick little post to tell you – I’m back, and ready for you! Give Me a call: 888-737-8345.

Ms Cecilia