Hello My Sweet Subbies,

Here I am once again, contemplating the existence of well, the world of domination and submission. Such a great fetish we all share, right?

First some announcements, in the next couple of weeks, My availability will be spotty – I am going to be dispatching quite a bit to cover for those who are making their trek to Las Vegas. So, if you are thinking of doing a call with Me, please let Me know and I will let you know My schedule and make special arrangements for those who need Me. I’m willing to work with your schedule too.

Last night, I had fun in the chatroom as I usually do – I enjoy A LOT of the people who go in the chatroom to share their stories, to hang out and to make some jokes. It’s fun. We all learn from one another, we figure out a lot of things, and we try to solve the world’s problems just from that little chatroom alone. I enjoy it immensely. However, last night got out of control with a conversation that started tongue-in-cheek that turned out to vilify Mistresses on our site, and to Me, a blatant insult to those who love to be dominated. Points that were brought up was somewhat shocking to Me – but got Me wondering about how many unenlightened beings are among us. What was brought up is that we, the Mistresses, take advantage of those who are lonely and have small penises. Well, in essence, no, we don’t. But, in a fantasy and in the sexually charged state of mind, the Mistress takes advantage, but only in an erotic way, that is erotic to the submissive. The submissives who come to Me, in general, are intelligent and self-discerning. They are not wandering drones looking for a leader 100% of the time. Some are lonely, yes. Some have small penises, yes. But, I also speak to those who are married, some with really big penises and there are so many different men who talk to Me on a daily basis, it would literally blow your mind. Do I take advantage? No, not in an unethical, evil way. Although, some might think they are elitist, omniscient and have God-complexes – they have no idea what they are talking about and live in their tight little world-view, tunnel-vision minds – they couldn’t see in their peripheral vision if a Mack truck was coming to hit them. Point being, I feel sorry for people like this. They miss out as they are wrapped up in their own conspiracy- they are are out to get Me and you theory. Domination and submission roleplay is erotic, fun and intense! That’s the point of it. No one should walk away feeling bad about themselves, and taken advantage of in any way. It’s entertainment people- it’s fun, it’s sexy. Lighten up!

So, yes, I am sweet. What of it? Am I really dominating? Yes, I am. But am out to intentionally hurt anyone? No, I am not. Thank you for those in the chatroom last night, the 99.9% of you, that understood that and stood up for what we, the Mistresses, stand for and that’s to have fun, be sexy and make it all these wonderful fantasies pleasurable for both you AND us.

I was approached this morning through various instant messages about last night’s chat – and many were concerned as to how some are so misinformed about what we do in our erotic roleplays. I hope this blog entry clears it up, and if some have any questions, please let Me know. 🙂

I wanted to clear that up for those that are confused as to what the world of domination and submission really means.

Oh, and I feel like taking advantage of you, so give Me a call. 😉


Ms Cecilia