Yes, that’s right, Gentlemen (and some Sissies) – tonight, and tomorrow until about 3 pm EST, I’m available for calls – then I’m gone until Monday. So, step right up and fill up on your need for domination. You know you need it, you addict.

I went to see Tori Amos on Tuesday night – that girl can rock the piano! There was a nice Halloween theme she portrayed on stage, and overall it was a good time. I resurrected some forgotten tunes she the concert that I had not listened to in ages. A great time overall! I saw there were a lot of sissy fairies in the audience – boys dressed up with wings, short shorts, or in feminine type gear. I wondered if some of them were my callers ….

So, October is gone, and Christmas is right around the corner. Are you going to be naughty or nice to Me this holiday season? I guess we shall see, I do have many subs that are now under My control and follow assignments closely. I’m keeping an eye on you 😉 I do love the holidays and am look forward to doing calls around this time of year since the wives and girlfriends are out shopping a lot, and you naughty boys run to the phone to call yours truly.

Even though I will be away this weekend, don’t despair My little gluttonous submissives, I’ll be back in action on Monday for sure – ready to whip you back in shape.

I should be back in time for Strange Sex Sunday on Sunday evening – but for now, it’s up in the air. I will report back to you on that as soon as I can here.

And, Fabulous Fem Wednesdays should be back in full swing this coming Wednesday where we pick up on the 1930’s fashion!

If you want a call – you know where to find Me tonight and tomorrow before I leave town.

Later Turkeys.

Ms Cecilia