Hello Stocking Sluts,

Tonight – Fabulous Fem Chat is back with Me and Ms Carmen on www.cockradio.com. I will have My segment on the history of stockings, which should be quite informative to you who are into stockings, pantyhose and the like. I do enjoy doing my share of the pre-recorded segments, and selecting the music for it is quite fun. I love all sorts of music from classical to modern, and all through the decades. So, when you listen to My radio segments, you get a taste of what I appreciate musically speaking. Also, it’s a good way to learn about feminization, and just hang out with some nice people.

Also, don’t forget to go check out the many erotic audios that I am providing over www.sissyschool.com on the forums, as well as on www.teasemania.com. They are under the audios section, and you get to sample a taste of what we are all like. I’m currently working on one now for sissyschool.com, and will be posting it up next week.

Thank you, once again, for the gifts I have been receiving. I’m loving it all. I found out who My mystery shopper was on the turquoise and I had never spoken with him before. Please, give Me a call sometime – I’d love to do a session with you! Also, from Relinquished who never ceases to amaze Me – I got a very generous gift certificate to a spa here in town. Next week, I will be lavishing in a body wrap and getting a nice facial. It will be heaven. I will make a day of it. I also received about a dozen books of “Get Fuzzy”, as well as art box, oils, paints, brushes, canvases. My goodness! I feel like a Queen! Thank you so much for your generosity and all the tips I receive as well. It’s such a nice little surprise when I’m offered tips. Thank you, thank you. Just like you add to My life, I hope I add to yours as well!

I will see you all tonight in the www.communitykink.com chatroom for our 9 pm EST show. Please tune in. We’ll leave the pink light on for you.


Ms Cecilia