Hello My Favorite Submissive Readers,

Yes – Fabulous Fem Chat is cancelled tonight at 9 pm. Me and Ms Carmen are catching up on some rest, and some more topics to discuss in future chats. We will be back next Wednesday – please tune in then. I am still working on the piece that will enlighten you on the history of hosiery – but wanted a bit more time to put it together, plus I am in need of a break.

I will be back tomorrow morning taking calls until 2 pm EST, then back again at 7 pm EST – in which I will be back in action to dominate.

I got some LOVELY gifts in the mail today. I got the artist easel from Relinquished – and I assembled it. I do paint on occasion, but now the easel beckons Me to do it more. Also, from Relinquished, I received all 5 seasons of Six Feet Under – a show I truly enjoyed when it aired on HBO. Thank you so much, again, for your generosity. You certainly make Me feel appreciated.

Also, I got a turquoise bracelet and a book on turquoise from My wishlist. I love turquoise, and My favorite color is teal/turquoise – I find the color very calming, and have begun to collect pieces from shops in the form of rings, bracelets and the like. In Navajo tradition, it is said it is a sign of wealth, and in Tibet – turquoise is the sign of truth. I started reading the book on turquoise, and it’s a very interesting read. However, I have no idea who sent them to Me. The name is on there and it was bought in the UK, with the initials MH. To My knowledge, we have never done a call before, and whomever you are, thank you! Turquoise is one My little passions in life. Please step forward so I may thank you personally.

So, when I am not controlling cocks and feminizing sissies – what do I do on My rare days off? I will usually meditate, spend time with My birds, cats and dog, shop, catch up on movies, go get My nails done or anything that recharges My brain. I work hard, but when I rest, I rest hard too.

As I said, I will be back tomorrow and throughout the upcoming weekend, so be ready! I look forward to speaking with the lot of you.

Going back in lazy trance mode….

Ms Cecilia