Hello you sexual fiends,

Yesterday, in the mail, I got a great book from I-know-who. It’s indepth, philosophical, thought-provoking and could be, could be the answer to the universe. Yep. It’s the “Get Fuzzy” comic strip book featuring Bucky Katt and that timid dog Satchel. I love that cantankerous, bitchy cat. Thanks Relinquished – I’ve been laughing and reading since yesterday.

I posted a new steamy erotic audio that was written by a ghost writer, and I did enjoy recording it. Here. I’ll get it for you: Cock Challenge
Do you think you stand a chance?

What else? I’m taking calls until 4 pm today, then I am dispatching for a bit tonight. I would love to revv up your engines, get you sissified, spanked, teased, humiliated, shaking, denied, stroked …. you get the point. So run, don’t walk, to your nearest phone and call before you miss Me!

Because you know – I miss you.

It’s been gorgeous here lately. Warm amber light, a little more crispness in the air come mornings and early evenings – fall is my favorite time of year. I’m thinking of taking a fall drive soon, perhaps, and seeing another concert. I need to cram in these last minute things before winter sets in and takes Me hostage until spring again. But before winter hits, I’m taking some other hostages down with Me – you will have to serve Me all winter long.

Time to go hunt and gather coffee on the metropolitan terrain.

– Ms Cecilia