Don’t forget your favorite time of day! It’s fabulous Fem chat with Me and Ms Carmen at 9 pm EST time. My pre-recorded segment will be for those who are very interested in make-up and the like – in particular, eye make-up. Even if you are interested in how your girlfriend does it, stop by.
In addition, you can hear the beautiful Ms Carmen live on our radio show – so even if you are not into feminization, you can still stop by to check us out.

I have to express My happiness lately with some submissives I have had as of late. I’m very impressed. First off, a long time submissive – and we’ve been exploring together for quite some time and quite recently, he has become more involved in other things. I know I speak rather vaguely, but this is HappyD and his blog is private. So, I don’t like to expound on details since he seems to cherish his privacy, however – I must say that I am happy with HappyD. Such a good little subbie.

Also, Relinquished control – whom completed all his training for two weeks and was allowed to release. This time, he doesn’t know when it will be either. For those of you who have not checked out his blog, please do so – it’s under “My Followers” on the right hand side. He is involved in some one on one training with Me, and for those of you who do not know – I do tuition training paid in blocks of time that involve interactive e-mails, and daily assignments as well as calls thrown in.

I have a new trainee coming in and he should be setting up his blog soon. I had fun on the phone with him today as I edged him along over and over again. It was quite an intense masturbation session. But, he didn’t get to cum. He will also have to wait.

Last but not least, B. You know who you are My diminutive little pet. He’s small, but he’s sweet and cute and we have always connected very well. I had a wonderful call with him today, and My creativity flows like a river when I’m on a call with him. What can I say? Some just know how to work Me. πŸ˜‰

Please come visit tonight for the show at We’ll leave the pink light on for ya. πŸ˜‰

– Ms Cecilia