Hello My Pumpkins,

Tonight – at 9 pm EST in the www.communitykink.com chatroom – it’s Me and Ms Carmen! On the radio, talking about a whole bunch of feminization stuff. Ms Carmen has a whole lot of fun cooked up for tonight, and I’m doing My pre-recorded show on how to walk like a woman. It promises to be fun and interesting!

I want to thank Relinquished for getting me beautiful earrings – they are certainly gorgeous! My new sub has been so good and obedient, and spoiling Me like crazy. It’s been certainly appreciated. Also, thank you Roberta for the other pair of earrings I received. I’m building quite a nice collection of jewelry.

I’m getting ready to do an Illustration of Ms Claire which will be featured at www.mistressalwayswins.com. If you haven’t already, check out that site – it has some very yummy audios, ringtones and of course, My illustrations. So if you haven’t paid a visit – do so NOW! That’s a direct order. There are some sexy, steamy dominant audios on there from many of the Mistresses.

Oh yes – the concert I went to go see was Genesis. They are back on tour for awhile – and it was enjoyable to see them. Although I didn’t know a lot of their 1970’s songs, but I knew the stuff from the 80’s and Phil Collins can beat on the drum like a wild man even if he is pushing near 60.

Anyway, speaking of turning it on again, call Me for some hot phone sex domination. Your balls will thank you.

– See you tonight! – Ms Cecilia