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This Sunday, September 2, in the chatroom – Me and Ms Claire will be discussing the GIANTESS fetish. But beware! Me and Ms Claire will be over 150 foot tall – so you better run for your lives! ARRRGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!

There are several ways to look at this fetish – and you can approach it first with the shrinking fetish: Shrunken Men, or SM, is more rare than SW but another type of human size changing fetish. Fans of this genre are mostly male. The reasons behind this fetish may be due to the interest in changing the patriarchal roles of men and women so that the normal sized woman is now dominant over the small man. It may also result from a desire to be adored and admired at a small size by women, like that experienced during childhood. The SM fetish can be violent, involving men being crushed or swallowed by women. This, like Giantess, is largely a result of social stigmas against abusing women.

Giantess, or GTS, is the second and larger size-fetish that is the reverse of Shrunken Women, meaning that the women are considerably larger than the men. The Giantess fetish is larger, in part, because most people with a size fetish are male, and most men with size fetishes tend to prefer being small as opposed to being large or dominant. GTS differs from SW in many ways; first, GTS focuses more on growth than shrinking (literal giantesses), whereas SW mostly focuses on shrinking. The common explanation is that most of the stories are written from the male POV, which tends to stay unchanged.

So, if you have a giantess fetish, do you like to be shrunken, or do you like the woman to grow as if by magic?

Personally, I have done many giantess fantasy phone sex calls – and I find it’s one of the most creative calls I’ve ever done. It’s challenging, but so much fun on thinking how to manipulate and toy with a very small man. It would be like having a living ken doll to move in any way I want, and do what I want. Sounds perfect.

I am currently working an a giantess audio, and I’ll post it up very soon.

Don’t forget to join Me and Ms Claire at 8 pm EST on Sunday. After, we always run specials at $3 a minute to talk with the both of us. Can you handle TWO GIANTESSES???

Until then, I’m taking calls all weekend long – and I’ll be waiting on talking to you sexy fools. – Ms Cecilia