Hello Cuckold Fantastics,

I cooked up a new audio this morning with cuckold in mind. I thought you might enjoy this, fresh off the presses:

The Cuckold Letter

Also, I have some other audios I cooked up recently – one entitled The Cock Police. I found inspiration for the movie Disturbia – which gave Me the idea to “chastisize” cheating men and cock locking for those who need it most. After that, you’ll be tripping over your dicks to get a chastity and begging to send Me the key!

I did another playful scenario with Button, we sort of wrote the script together and it’s more comedy than anything – but who says I can’t have fun and a laugh on My job? Ms Cece and the MAN.

I’m cooking up other audio this week – all should be hot and spicy – bring your napkins and a sexual appetite.

Since I have done a cuckold audio, I’m in the mood for some good ol’ fashioned cuckold phone sex! That’s right! Phone sex. Lots of it. Gimme, gimme, gimme.

Also, if you have suggestions and some stories for an audio – please feel free to send in your ideas before My creative well runs dry. I can’t possibly imagine that happening, but ideas and suggestions and also feedback is a good thing. Let Me know how I’m doing – it’s nice to hear your comments.

Don’t forget to tune in on Wednesday night at 9 pm EST for Fabulous Fem Chat on the Radio!

Later Cuckold bitches – Ms Cecilia