Hello Fetish Lovers,

Tonight’s Strange Sex Sunday chat is on the Zentai fetish. The fetish originated in Asia where participants love to be dressed in skin tight suits made from spandex or nylon. This acts as a sort of bondage, except movement is still allowable. Even the head is completely restricted in nylon or spandex. We will find some pictures to show during the chat, or you can see an example in Ms Claire’s blog.
As always, we have a $3 a min special during the chat! 🙂 Come with your zentai gear on!


I am recording some sexy audios and posting them up on the tease mania forums today – they are seductive and a bit softer than what I’ve had up there before! See the more sensual Mistress side of Me!

Also, I wanted to publicly thank sissy anna for advertising for Me on forums – I have received a lot of hits on My blog since that post – and you truly are a great submissive and helper! 🙂

What else is going on? Hmmm… I will be back on Wednesday for Fabulous Fem, I was unable to attend last Wednesday as a terrible storm hit and knocked out my electricity for many hours. I was in candle light and hoping the tornado warning was just a warning – I know it created a lot of damage around My city.

I will be in chat tonight at 8 pm EST, give Me and Claire a good phone sex call and we’ll be sure to give you one back!!

Later Zentai Freaks – Ms Cecilia