Oh, the Domination Gods are in My favor today! I just worked out the radio kinks and I should be on the air soon! I’m thinking Monday evenings are 11 pm EST – but I am still working out the schedule. You all will soon be stroking your cock to the sweet sound of Ms Cecilia!

Also, Me and Ms Carmen are working out our new radio show soon that will be happening on Wednesday nights, and starting next week, we will be moving our hosted chat up an hour from 8 pm EST to 9 pm EST. Mark your calendars and be sure to make note of the new time change starting next Wednesday. When we are on the radio (which we will announce soon when that will begin) – we will be discussing everything feminization!

What else? Hmmmmm… I will be doing some little recordings to post up here and at the cock control forums! Be sure to keep an eye out for that!

Oh yes – Bootslave William is back in My Fem Dom care again and I’m really punishing him lately. Check out his blog for a list of all his slutty Fem Dom toys and the adventures he has with Yours Truly. Bootslave is one of My more dedicated sluts who truly get the message of what Divine Dominating Women are all about! Other than his occasional sneaky wanks, which he always admits to and gets embarrassed by, he is one of My more loyal and dedicated subjects.

In fact, I do have many loyal, dedicated subjects whilst I ponder on this – and if I have not mentioned you before on My blog and you do call Me often to check in, or to take My brutal assignments or just to have fun with Me. Thank you! Without you, I wouldn’t be able to take over the world. Vote for Me “Mistress Cecilia 2008”. 😉

– Ms Cecilia

P.S. Here’s a new little audio I posted up for wankers: Click Here