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Hello boys and girls,

Last week’s Trivia was a blast! Thanks Ms Carmen and Alanna for organizing it. Congratulations to Dan who won a 10 minute call for getting many of the questions right !

Until furthur notice, there will be open discussion on Wednesday nights at the sissy school chat room with no particular topic. We will all have girl chat and it will be fun to see all of you tonight at 8 pm EST!


For Me and Ms Claire’s Sunday chat – we have chosen a new topic and I will blog more about that in the upcoming days! Keep checking our blogs to find out what it is! We also are cooking up a new dare for Sunday with a little prize involved if you do it. Stay tuned in kids for this exciting adventure…


For you cock controllers who love games – I invented a new card game called “Ace Stroke ‘Em”! This game is for those who love guided masturbation instructions, and for those of you who have talked to Me over the last couple of years – you know that I have all kinds of ways I love for you to touch your cock for Me. In this game, I draw 2 cards from a deck. Those two cards determine how many times you will stroke, and I tell you how to do it. If I draw a 7 and a 2 – you stroke for Me 9 times and in the way I tell you.
If I draw an Ace and another card, say an Ace and a 10 – you have to edge yourself 10 times. Sounds hard?
It gets better …
A KING is worth 30
A QUEEN is worth 25
A JACK is worth 15

If I draw an Ace AND a King – you’re screwed buddy. If you cum before the time is up, or before the actual count on the cards – you LOSE the game …

This game can also be applied to those who are pain sluts and who love CBT.

Thanks to “B” – a frequent caller of mine who loves games like this – I invented it out of his inspiration! Thanks B – you stroker boy you!

Stay Naughty, Naughties – xoxoxox – Ms Cecilia