I love the above video – I just bought it for this blog for the sole purpose of the subject of getting caught. It reminds Me of what you guys do when no one is around: wearing panties and a bra, then painting your toenails. This is before the guy in the video gets busted and his wife finds him in her delicate underwear. They neglected to show that!

Tomorrow’s topic is just that – first time you got caught dressing – if you have a true story to share, Me and Ms Carmen want to hear about it! Even if you never got caught, and you want to – tell us your fantasy and why you would love to get caught. If you don’t want to get caught, we want to know why and hear your reason. That is the topic for tomorrow’s chat at 8 pm EST in the sissyschool.com chatroom – be there all dolled up, and …. don’t get caught! (Or do – if that’s your intention, you naughty tart).

I can imagine just why some would love to get caught – the burning of humiliation all over your face, the reaction of the other who just caught you and what they might do – what they might say to others. It’s a very interesting little game, isn’t it? What happens after you get what? What would you want to happen? What would you want to be caught dressing in? I do lots of ‘getting caught’ calls, and I can usually figure out what what naughty little tarts like….

Even if you are a more serious crossdresser, and you dress all the time – were you hiding it for a long time and got caught?

These and other fascinating probing questions, plus stories will be explored tomorrow night!

I posted up a couple of day’s ago that I’m going to Florida to visit with some Mistresses! I’ll be gone May 3- May 7. I’m not sure where that post went! It completely disappeared .. however, there is an auction to help fund the trip and I already have a bid on one 30 minute call (thanks Kelly!), and a bid on a 3 Mistress call with Me, Ms Hannah, and Ms Lilah. Go to: https://www.teasemania.com/forums/viewforum.php?f=58&sid=4c5ba7b6d3940dcb8ad84237ad5d2cbf to bid on Mine, or other Mistresses bids on goodies, calls and audios!

See you tomorrow night, tarts! xoxox Mistress Cecilia