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Shoes are really My passion. I have mentioned in a previous blog how I think high heels are the symbol of feminity. I think it says a lot about a woman and their power.

That being said, I love to shop for them. I can’t go into a mall or store without picking up a pair of high heels, boots, or something! A woman must have lots of shoes ….

For a crossdresser, sissy or transgenders, where does one shop? Where do you find your size? We will explore those questions and share where we all shop, what we buy and our experience shopping.

I also want everyone to tell Me their most favorite item of clothing. For Me, it’s shoes! I have many callers, for example, who go completely nuts for that one thing. I have a scarf slut, lots of pantyhose whores, a mini-skirt maniac .. you get the point. I do love to hear about everyone’s fave item and why they love it. I’d also love to hear how everyone else shops, their first shopping experience and how they felt after! And most importantly, what they did with that skirt, bra, panties once they got it home.

Here’s a pic from Stephanie who has a love for legwear:

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See you in the chatroom at 8 pm EST! – xoxox Ms Cecilia