That’s right! Wednesday nights will now have another Mistress to help Me host – Mistress Carmen! We have decided to team up and discuss all the topics we (and you) choose. The more the merrier! Again, as I stated in the last post, we will be discussing humilation tomorrow night at 8 pm EST in the chatroom. Thank you, Mistress Carmen, for helping Me out! You are certainly welcome and will find there is always a good crowd.

Here is a photo submitted by Stephanie for the humiliation chat who says it’s a turn on to see all that leather and the humiliation she would be sure to bring!

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Also, I’ve another candidate for slut caller of the day, but he’s not quite made it yet because I’m curious to see if he will continue to do the edgy, humiliating things he loves. For example, on Sunday afternoon, he insisted on driving naked through a town in Cali whilst masturbating.

At first, he said he couldn’t get hard he was so nervous … so I told him to pull over at a quiet location and put him through a little fantasy. That did the trick. Now onto driving through town and I told him to keep stroking and edge himself. Then I instructed him to pull over, get naked, then get on the freeway and continue there. I insisted that if he could not do it, drive and masturbate, to not at all. I would not want him to get into any danger, or put any others in danger. He explained that he could do it….

Fine. Very well. Slut.

And so that’s how it goes, the fiend drove through the freeway masturbating until I told him to release in all his naked glory. I can only hope that, next time, a trucker sees him. ha ha

In other news, I’m back taking calls tomorrow and I will see you in the chatroom tomorrow night at 8 pm EST.

xoxoxxo – Ms Cecilia