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When you are horny, you have a flood of chemicals dominating your brain. These are usually called dopamine, norepinephrine and phenylethylamine.

If any of you have called Me for any length of time – you know I LOVE to edge you, I love to give instructions or I love to role play the teasing girl. There are a number of ways to make you rock-hard horny and I can be the teacher, the wife, the Mistress ….

But you really are missing My point. I don’t let you cum so easily.. I make you think you’re going to cum and then I back off – not letting you. Do you know why I do this, you gluttonous libertine?

Those chemicals – the ones keeping you high – are addictive. They have Mistress Cecilia written all over them. When you get under My control – you call Me – you listen to My sultry, satin voice, this hits your ears, courses through your veins and into your cock. Then I have you touch yourself. Pure bliss, right? It’s a release in of itself to touch your cock, it’s such a relief. Then, you wonder : Will She let me cum?

Not so fast, you insatiable little monkey! I love to keep you high. That’s when I get into your pea-sized brain and the real magic happens. A certain je ne sais quoi….

I compare it to the feeling and exhiliration of jumping off a cliff, the first time you fell in love, driving too fast, doing something you know you’re not supposed to do – those chemicals that take over your brain and you get addicted to the high.

I want you addicted to that high, my voice, my dominance and my ability to mold you into the obeying little lecher I know you want to be….

Give Me a call sometime. Let Me inject you with My special potion.. you’ll be flying for days …..

Stay Naughty Slut. xoxoxx Ms Cecilia