BREASTS! Not only any breasts – MY breasts! You heard me right, lechers, you call me between the debaucherous hours of midnight to midnight (Friday, Feb 16 – Saturday, Feb 17) – I will give you a website and a password to see some serious nipple action. You know you want to you licentious fiends!
I want to collect many Mardi Gras “beads”, that is calls, so do your Mistress Cece a favor – give Me a call, I give you a flash of succulent breasts! It’s a win-win!
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In other news, last night’s Wild Women Wednesday went great! It was chat on make-up and I think everyone learned quite a bit. For those who did attend, if you have any make-up questions for the following week – please pop over an e-mail – I’ll be glad to answer your question if you had more from last night. Next weeks discussion will be “Heels and Walking the Line”. What is the “line”? The line of femininity! The line of sexuality! The line of pure unadulterated sissification! That’s right – tune in next week at 8 pm EST on Wednesday to find out more. I would love to receive pics of fave high heels from some of you to post on My blog.


Cock Control. I’m in the mood to tease, but I will be back taking calls tomorrow. Speaking of teasing, I’ve been wanting to write an entry on the art of teasing and why I love to keep you on the edge. I will probably write an entry on Saturday just about that topic. I’ve some fave tease artists – one of which lives in Africa and calls on a quite regular basis. I’ll call him ‘G’, and he’s got quite an exotic accent, and LOVES to be teased. He recently sent Me a picture – and he is quite a hottie! For Me, the knowledge that G is a good-looking bloke is even more exciting for Me. If I can control his cock half a world away over the Atlantic ocean – this does quite a bit for Me. It’s exciting, it’s invigorating, it’s vivacious, it’s bubbly! It’s the new POP of Cock Control! Mistress Cecilia’s Cock Controla POP! Try it now!